"Naamleela's music is a new inspiration. Artful play, prayerful art, her sound reveals an honest, heart-felt expression rooted in her formidable devotional training of both Eastern and Western music. Here there is a depth of soul, a pervasive and unifying heart...that the listener can enter into and let go."

"It is fitting that Naamleela Free Jones resides in Fiji, between East and West because she effortlessly draws from many world influences...Naamleela is a remarkable talent at home in many styles and playing the song of bliss without any other agenda."

"Eyes In Other Worlds is one of my favorite records. There is so much heart felt feeling in the songs, that it always brings me to a place I want to be... It will be in my regular listening stack for a long time."

"Eyes In Other Worlds is a delightful journey...like sitting comfortably in front of a beautiful ocean without having to do anything for a long while."

"Naamleela captures and portrays a beauty and innocence in her music that soothes the mind and heart..."

"In the case of Naamleela, I often feel that she has simply sat down and effortlessly invoked the music down from some subtle realm into the medium of the piano. Her intuitive judgement and natural musicianship are of a rare order."

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The new EP "In The Time of Light" is now available from CDBaby and The Dawn Horse Press!