Eyes In Other Worlds

Released 2005
Released 2005
Produced by Grammy-nominated producer Damian Taylor (The Prodigy, Bjork, Frou Frou), this exquisite album takes you to other worlds with a blend of ecstatic lyrics, natural and modern sounds, and a lush contemplative environment.
Eyes In Other Worlds is Naamleela's bestselling album, featuring her original songs composed to the sacred poetry of her father, and spiritual teacher, Adi Da Samraj. Naamleela provides vocals, as well as piano, tanpura, and surmandal accompaniment. Her lyrical performance is supported by a cast of world-class musicians, including John Wubbenhorst on bansuri flute, Sam Taylor on cello, Brett Shaw and Joel Cadbury on Rhodes, and David Clarke on sustain guitar.

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